Sunday, April 12, 2015


Treading on a strange road, 
Whom a dark forest engulfs. 
Passing through the prickly goad, 
know not what enthralls. 

A thinking man with a long shadow, 
With my back to the sun. 
Reaching for the elusive rainbow, 
All I know I have to run.

I know not where the road leads,
I know not where I am.
Rustling leaves the breeze reads,
Path below my feet feels a sham.

Oh my nonchalant parched heart,
What is it that you seek?
In the deep forest, like a hart,
A dreamy land you keek.

A stream that plays its music,
Surrounds the wonder land.
Nothing of amuse, it’s so tragic,
For it longs for the Neverland.

The soul knows the secret deep,
Though the mind lies in a frost.
A promise it strives to keep,
The promise to be always lost.

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